Kelly vs Alexa

Wrestling kickout

Ding ding… Alexa and Kelly lock up. No Alexa grabs kelly by the hair and takes Kelly down. Alexa goes for insult to injury but Kelly get s her knees up. Alexa holding her gut as Kelly gets to her feet goes for the k2 but Alexa avoid s it and rolls up Kelly 1..2.. Kelly kicks out. Kelly rolls to her feet drop KICK CONNECTS to Alexa s chest. Alexa falls to her butt in to the corner. Kelly hikes up her shorts oh man Alexa gets a face full of Kelly s butt. Alexa bites Kelly s butt to get free. Alexa pulls herself up eats a pele to the face of Alexa. Bounce s off the ropes kicks Alexa in the gut goes for the k2 no Alexa holds up up in the air power bomb no Kelly hits a sick head scissors to Alexa. Who goes…

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