Anna vs Victoria

Wrestling kickout

Ding ding… Victoria comes out with a CLOTHESLINE then a back elbow. Anna bounces off the ropes goes for a Lou thesz press but Victoria catches her spine BUSTER connects to Anna. Anna crawling toward the ropes. Victoria hits a super kick to the butt of Anna. She got down holding her butt. As Victoria motions to Anna your butt is bigger then mine butt at least mine is tight. Another spear KICK to and butt of Anna. Anna screaming in pain holding her butt. Victoria bounces off the ropes curb stomp to Anna s butt. Holy crap. Anna butt just got flattened by Victoria. Anna is crying she’s in so much pain. Victoria pulls up Anna looks into the pain filled eyes of Anna and Victoria licks Anna s lips and then kicks Anna in the gut. Then hits a stunner on Anna. The best butt champion goes down…

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