Robbie welsh vs Danielle Campbell semi-finals world championship tournament

Wrestling kickout

Ding ding… Both huge fan favourite s. Danielle and Robbie lock up. ROBBIE hits a belly to belly SUPLEX. Danielle quickly to her feet Robbie grabs her belly to belly SUPLEX again. Danielle rolls out of the ring. Robbie telling Danielle to get back in the ring. Danielle slides back in the ring. Robbie goes for a CLOTHESLINE Danielle ducks it. Danielle hits a swinging neck BREAKER on Robbie. Danielle stalking Robbie. Grabs her head goes for slap Robbie across the face. Robbie blocks it and grabs Danielle by the throat and crotch military press slam delivered to Danielle Campbell lands on her face. Robbie stalking Danielle spins her around rko by Robbie no sweet counter by Danielle hooks but of her arms back slide 1..2.. Robbie kicks out. Flips to her feet and hits a brutal running knee to Danielle s face. Danielle falls to her back. Robbie picks…

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