Carrie Underwood vs Kelsea Ballerini queen of music championship rematch

Wrestling kickout

Ding ding…. Carrie and Kelsea lock up. Carrie hits a hip toss . Then an arm drag. Then a kick to Kelsea s arm. Carrie has targeted the arm of Kelsea. Grabs it and twist it and slams it into the mat. Carrie now stomps on Kelsea s arm. Carrie picks up Kelsea by the arm and oh man eat defeat by Carrie just knocked out the former champion out in two minutes. Carrie picks up Kelsea and the goodnight kiss and the devastating round house KICK to Kelsea s gorgeous face. Carrie hooks Kelsea leg and Carrie gives Kelsea love taps along with the refs count 1..2..3.. Carrie Underwood wins in dominating fashion she is on a big time roll. The queen is back. 

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