Kelly vs Tiffany

Ding ding… TIFFANY spears Kelly in half right out of the gate. Tiffany picks up Kelly to her shoulders Samoan driver connects on Kelly. Tiffany picks up kelly whips her across the ring big boot to Kelly’s face. Kelly is down. Tiffany lifts her up again this time goes for a pump handle SLAM and hits it. Tiffany picks up Kelly puts her on the top rope and climbs up with x factor from the top rope. Tiffany picks up Kelly on her shoulder locks in a torture rack. Kelly almost ready to submit then tiffany drops her and then says this is it picks Kelly up SUPER KICK right to the face. Kelly head snaps back. Tiffany puts her foot on Kelly’s face 1..2..3..  Tiffany wins in dominant fashion. Great debut for her. Big things coming from her 



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