Kelly vs Krista

Ding ding… Kelly and Krista lock up. Kelly gains control with knee to Krista s gut the a ddt plants Krista. Kelly picks up Krista whips her into the corner cartwheel butt splash hits Krista perfectly . Krista falls to her butt. Kelly DELIVERS a sexy stink face to krista. She  stops turns AROUND stiff KICK to Krista s face. Krista goes limp Kelly drags Krista to the middle of the ring. Kelly bounces off the ropes the people s booty drops right on Krista s chest. On man. Krista s pants are soaked. Kelly knocked the pee out of Krista. Krista no moving as her pants are wet. Kelly picks up Krista k2 knocks the poop out of Krista . Krista is totally wrecked as kelly puts her foot on Krista s rack as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Kelly Kelly dominated plain and simple. 


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