Krista vs Anna best butt championship

Ding ding… Krista and Anna charge each other bang double CLOTHESLINE both women go down. Both women regain their vertical base. Anna ducks a right hand from Krista and pops Krista with a right of her own. Krista staggers against the ropes bounces back toward Anna power SLAM by anna connects. Krista is down. As Anna goes for a springboard moonsault on Krista but Krista gets her knees up. Anna holding her ribs in pain. Krista picks up Anna by her blonde locks and brushes Anna s hair off her face and kisses Anna on the lips for a good 8 seconds. Then Krista kicks Anna in the gut. Krista hooks both arm pedigree no Anna with a sweet northern lights SUPLEX BUT no bridge by anna. She kips up stalking Krista from behind drop kick to Krista s butt. Krista goes flying throat first across the middle ROPE. Krista trying to catch her breath as Anna pulls Krista up by the hair and rubs Krista s face in her beautiful booty. Then. Krista grabs ANNA s womanhood from behind and twisted. Anna moans in pain drops to both knees as Krista still has control of her woman hood. Anna has tears running down her face she’s in so much pain. She falls face first to the mat not moving. Krista laughing has she finally let’s go she kicks Anna over to her back. Krista spreads Anna s legs and kicks the crap out of Anna s booty. Had to be twenty times. Krista laughing at Anna has Anna is barely conscious holding her booty. Krista pulls up Anna and bang out of no where rear view to Krista s sexy face. Anna sits on Krista s face as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Anna caught Krista with her dangerous booty and it was all she wrote for Krista. 



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