Kelly vs eve

Ding ding… Eve and Kelly lock up. Eve pushes Kelly off the ropes. Kelly bounces back goes for her head scissors and she hits it. Eve back to her feet quickly however. But not for long eve taken down by a drop kick from Kelly. Eve gets up goes for a CLOTHESLINE and she hits it turning Kelly inside out. Eve does her booty pop and then a …. kick to her butt by Kelly sends eve face first into the second TURNBUCKLE. Eve bounces back toward the middle of the ring and a x factor delivered to EVE. Face first into the mat. Kelly not going for the cover instead drags eve to the corner and a gorgeous stink face all in EVE s mush. Kelly laughing as eve kicking trying to get free, but soon her legs stop moving her body goes limp. Kelly has took eve out with a stinkface. Kelly drags eve out of the corner picks up eve and knocks eve out again with a k2. Kelly pins EVE 1..2..3..  Kelly Kelly wins against her friend EVE here tonight. Congrats to her. 



47 thoughts on “Kelly vs eve

  1. Tough to decide. I would go:
    1. Candice Michelle
    2. Mickie James
    3. Velvet Sky
    4. Torrie Wilson
    5. Maria Kanellis

    Trish would have been on the list back in the day, but think since she devoted so much time to yoga it has gotten more firm.

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  2. Top 5 firm butts:
    1. Stacy Keibler
    2. Carrie Underwood
    3. Angelina Love
    4. Dawn Marie
    5. Melina
    Top 10 racks:
    1. Trish Stratus
    2. Nikki Bella
    3. Kate Upton
    4. Torrie Wilson
    5. Jackie Gayda
    6. Hillary Scott
    7. Miranda Lambert
    8. Velvet Sky
    9. Angelina Love
    10. Maria Kanellis
    To 10 best faces:
    1. Trish Stratus
    2. Nikki Bella
    3. Maria Kanellis
    4. Mickie James
    5. Carrie Underwood
    6. Torrie Wilson
    7. Velvet Sky
    8. Angelina Love
    9. Hillary Scott
    10.Miranda Lambert

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