Jana vs Carrie leather strap match

Ding ding… Jana comes out leather strap shot right to carries ribs. Carrie doubles over. Jana takes Carrie s strap and now Jana just wears Carrie out with shot after shot to the back of Carrie. Jana gets on the back of Carrie and she is choking Carrie with the strap. Carrie turning purple and she’s out. Jana just choked out Carrie Underwood. The ref doesn’t call for the bell thou. Jana gets up pulls down Carrie’s pants revealing a yellow thong. Jana just destroy s carries butt with both straps. Then flips Carrie over. Rips off Carrie s shirt. Dang dang dang dang…. Jana whipping Carrie s chest until she up a bra size. From the swallowing. Carrie is done as Jana picks her up Jana bounces off the ropes dang sliding punch to Carrie s womanhood. Jana pins Carrie Underwood 1..2..3.. Jana Kramer beats Carrie with out a fight. Poor Carrie Underwood her prime might be behind her.


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