Carrie Underwood vs Kelsea Ballerini queen of country music rematch

Ding ding… Carrie charges Kelsea CLOTHESLINE ducked by Kelsea. Kelsea grabs Carrie from behind hits a back stabber connects by Kelsea. She picks up Carrie whips her into the corner. Goes for a running knee to Carrie s face and hits it. She then goes for a running bulldog out of the corner and Carrie goes face first into the mat. Kelsea laughing at Carrie who is PULLING HERSELF up using Kelsea a legs. Kelsea grabs Carrie by the head hits a twist of fate on Carrie. Carrie is not moving as Kelsea picks her up by the hair and rubs Carrie s beautiful face into her sexy butt. Kelsea says Carrie Underwood taste the butt of a real woman and the new queen of country music as she whip s Carrie off the ropes and the rear view connects right in Carrie faces and sits on Carrie s face hooks both legs and taps Carrie s womanhood as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Kelsea Ballerini statement sent to Carrie it’s Kelsea s time now Carrie Underwood is officially dethroned. As Kelsea puts the crown on her head and puts her foot on Carrie’s face as the show ends. 



25 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood vs Kelsea Ballerini queen of country music rematch

      1. Miranda takes the pin in the tag match. Not sure who pins her.

        Carrie could use the match with Miranda to begin her climb back to the top or Miranda beats Carrie and that proves she’s a jobber. Not sure which I want. You can pick.

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