Kelly vs Paige

Ding ding… Kelly and Paige lock up. Paige over powers Kelly with ease backs her into the corner. Paige with a big right hand no Kelly ducks it and Paige s momentum sends her into the corner and Kelly turns it around and lights up Paige s chest. Kelly then picks up Paige to the top rope. Paige kicks Kelly in the face sending her to her back. Paige stands on the top rope goes for a double stomp to Kelly’s chest but Kelly rolls out of the way. Paige lands awkwardly on her ankle rolls it. Kelly grabs a limping Paige hits a ddt. Kelly pins paige 1..2 Paige kicks out. Kelly lifts up Paige by her hair and goes for a second ddt but Paige spins out of it a hits her series of short arm CLOTHESLINE s. Paige smiles as she hits a soccer kick to kellys ribs with her ankle that was supposed to be hurt. Paige picks up Kelly and says I’m to smart for you. As she picks her up rampaige ddt no Kelly small package by Kelly Kelly. 1..2..3..  Kelly Kelly just stole a win from Paige and runs out of the ring. As Paige grabs the ref hits a rampaige ddt on him and screams at kelly saying I’m not done with you lucky a$$ Barbie dolls. Your a d**d girl. Kelly smiles at the top of the ramp and says whatever and leaves. 



84 thoughts on “Kelly vs Paige

      1. Foot on Charlotte interesting, Kelly you like her booty and Maria because you like her chest. Who would be in your top ten favourite booties of all time and currently


      2. Foot on Charlotte to show superiority over the queen.

        Top ten classic wrestling booties:
        1. Trish
        2. Kelly
        3. Sable
        4. Torrie Wilson
        5. Melina
        6. Maria
        7. Terri
        8. Stacy
        9. Gail Kim
        10. Taryn
        Top 10 current divas
        1. Mickie
        2. Velvet Sky
        3. Nikki
        4. Alexa
        5. Maryse
        6. Charlotte
        7. Angelina
        8. Emma
        9. Natalya
        10. Renee Young

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  1. Not sure Alexa vs Lana will happen given they just had them switch shows.

    Of divas on current roster :
    RAW: Trish squashed by Sasha would be hot. Also Trish squashed by Alexa, where Alexa ends the fairytale career of Trish.

    Smack Down: Trish squashed by Natalya for greatest Canadian diva or Trish squashed by Charlotte and forced to bow to the queen.

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  2. Not sure how Trish would react, but see Alexa holding a celebration like she did after beating Bayley to become RAW women’s champion. How do you think Trish would react to Alexa’s celebration?

    I think Charlotte would have to pin Trish don’t think Trish would tap. Think Trish bows willingly or is forced ?

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