Carrie Underwood vs Kelsea Ballerini queen of country music match


Ding ding… Kelsea comes at Carrie with a drop kick sends Carrie into the corner. Kelsea with a stinger splash in the corner and backs up hits it again. Kelsea picks up Carrie puts her on the top rope Kelsea climbs up and Carrie hits Kelsea in the gut hits a beautiful sunset FLIP POWER BOMB on Kelsea. Carrie pins Kelsea 1..2 Kelsea kicks out. Carrie climbs to the top rope as Kelsea gets to her feet. Carrie goes for across body but Kelsea shows her power catches her and hits a fall away slam. Kelsea kips up. Standing moonsault by Kelsea connects. Kelsea pins Carrie 1..2 Carrie kicks out. Kelsea pulls Carrie up to her feet. Big right hand blocked by Carrie and hits a tko on Kelsea. Carrie grabs Kelsea before she falls and hits a jumping ddt no Kelsea lifts up Carrie and throws her gut first on the top rope. Carrie flips back in to the ring. Kelsea bounces off the ropes axe kick to the back of Carrie s head. Carrie goes down face first. Kelsea laughing at Carrie who is PULLING HERSELF with help from the ropes. Kelsea grabs Carrie goes for the back stabber hits and then Kelsea picks up Carrie to her knees. Tell Carrie to bow down to the new queen of country. CARRIE goes for big right hand misses. Kelsea bounces off the ropes bow down to the queen connects. Carrie is helpless as Kelsea drags her toward the corner and climbs to the MIDDLE ROPE and bang banzai drop to Carrie face. Kelsea s butt completely covers Carrie’s face. Kelsea goes back to the middle ropes hits a second banzai drop on Carrie gorgeous face. Kelsea gets up and says Carrie Underwood is officially dethroned as the queen of country music as Kelsea hits a third Banzai drop to Carrie s face this time Kelsea sits on Carrie face as the ref counts 1..2..3.. ladies and gentlemen we have a new queen of country music after 10 years of dominance s by Carrie Underwood she has fallen to the younger, hotter and smarter QUEEN Kelsea Ballerini. Kelsea puts in the crown while still sitting on Carrie s unconscious body. Kelsea smile s gets up rolls Carrie Underwood over butt up in the air. Kelsea puts her foot on Carrie booty as the new queen reigns supreme. 




50 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood vs Kelsea Ballerini queen of country music match

  1. Big win for Kelsea !
    Not sure about next opponent for Kelsea, maybe Miranda who some think has been co-Queen of Country with Carrie.

    Carrie’s next opponent I don’t know. The way Carrie’s been losing maybe someone making their debut.

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  2. Carrie is starting to get in offense, not sure it will be enough to stop her losing streak.

    Think Kelsea squashing Miranda would solidify her position as the new queen of country.

    Maybe Carrie and Miranda take on Maddie and Tae in a tag team match later.

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  3. I would say 30% Carrie wins. Carrie might be more athletic, but Kelsea younger and appears stronger and not sure Carrie has an answer for Kelsea’s booty. Also Carrie still on her losing streak, might be close to becoming a jobber.

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  4. My top ten female Country Music Artist are (not in a particular order):
    1. Carrie Underwood
    2. Miranda Lambert
    3. Hillary Scott
    4. Kelsea Ballerini
    5. Maureen Morris
    6. Lauren Alania
    7. Maddie
    8. Tae
    9. Kacey Musgrave
    10. Danielle Bradberry

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