Celebrity championship inaugural match Carrie vs. Robbie

Ding ding… Robbie comes out with a shoulder tackle to Carrie. Knocking her down. Then Robbie bounces off the ropes sweet head scissors take down of Carrie Underwood. Carrie sent throat first across the MIDDLE ROPE. ROBBIE bounces off the ropes full speed RUNNING double knees to the back of Carrie. Carrie falls to the mat trying to regain her vertical base. Robbie picks her up fall away SLAM. No Carrie flips to her feet behind Robbie hits a reverse ddt dropping Robbie on the back of her head. Carrie gets to her feet bounces off the ropes rolling thunder on Robbie. Carrie goes for the pin 1.. Robbie kicks out. Carrie lifts up Robbie by the hair and whips her against the ring no Robbie reverses it and hits Carrie a short arm CLOTHESLINE. And ANOTHER one and a third one flooring Carrie Underwood. Robbie lifts up Carrie to her shoulders and rack attack lays Carrie out. Carrie Underwood is motionless face down on the mat. Robbie says in the best and will be the first ever celebrity champion. As she picks up a limp Carrie Underwood holy crap roll up by Carrie 1..2 kick out by Robbie. Robbie gets to her feet quickly picks up Carrie Underwood tombstone pile driver destroyed Carrie Underwood. Robbie pins Carrie Underwood with her womanhood all over Carrie s face 1..2..3.. Robbie wins the celebrity championship. Puts it on Carrie s chest and puts her foot on her face. Then picks up the championship and poses with her championship to end the show NO wait. Jennifer brennan comes out from the crowd spins Robbie around his a spin kick to the gut. Robbie drops to both knees. Jen grabs the celebrity championship puts it down on the mat. Jen then hits a super kick to a kneeling Robbie. Robbie is in trouble. Jen picks up Robbie fameasser to Robbie as her face bounces off the championship. Jen knocks out the champion and screams I’m the real star here not this pumped up, no TALENT over hyped sorry excuse for a woman and champion Robbie. This championship will soon be around the waist of a real woman me. See you later pump up bra. 



74 thoughts on “Celebrity championship inaugural match Carrie vs. Robbie

  1. I would say given Carrie’s current streak of losing two matches to Taylor and the I Quit match to Torrie and factor in Taylor branding Carrie and Torrie paddling her Robbie has a 75% chance. Just feel with every thing Carrie has been through she’s broken mentally and physically. Give her a chance because Robbie some times takes her competition lightly.

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  2. I would like too see a competitive title match. Interesting to see what Robbie wants to do with Carrie?
    A. Robbie using her chest smothers Carrie
    B. Seeing Carrie’s booty vulnerable focuses her attack there.

    You can decide.

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