KELLY vs Krista

Ding ding… Krista and Kelly come out fist a flying. Krista connects with a hay maker. Sends Kelly down and out in less then ten seconds Kelly Kelly is unconscious. Krista is laughing her sexy butt off. As she walks around her victim. Krista takes off Kelly’s pants and shirt revealing Kelly s bra and panties. Butt up in the air. Krista stomps on Kelly’s butt until it is as flat as a piece of paper. Krista then flips Kelly over and opens Kelly s legs rips off her panties and kick s Kelly’s womanhood so hard her boot got stuck. Krista has to undo her laces to get her foot our of the boot that’s is still in Kelly s private area. Krista takes off her over boot and puts it in kelly s mouth then sits on her chest the ref counts 1..2..3.. Krista wins and proves she owns Kelly Kelly no doubt about it. Krista shakes her booty all around the ring and dances and does cartwheels and a front flip to the crowd who love her as the show ends. 



51 thoughts on “KELLY vs Krista

  1. Jen shows up to challenge Robbie.

    Carrie not sure there are a lot of ways to go:
    A. Kelsea challenges her for title of Queen of Country
    B. Jana Kramer challenges her for title of Queen of Country
    C. Faith Hill wants a piece of Carrie for stealing her look on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards
    D. Miranda seeing how far her friend has fallen shows up to put her down for good.

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