KELLY vs Krista

Ding ding. Krista and Kelly circling each other. Krista with a jumping bicycle KICK to Kelly s face. Kelly bounces off the ropes spear by Krista connects. Then Krista picks up Kelly and a beautiful gut BUSTER grounds Kelly. Krista then bounces off the ropes curb stomp to Kelly s butt. Then again and again and a fourth one. Krista then pull s Kelly s pants off. Chokes Kelly with her own pants. Then picks up Kelly spreads her legs and tighten s the pAnts up and pulls it up Kelly s womanhood getting rubbed raw. Krista then throw s her pants out of the ring. Krista hits a code BREAKER on Kelly pretty face. Kelly is down. Krista ribs Kelly s underwear off. And locks in the black out and hooks the legs and licks Kelly’s womanhood clean as Kelly taps out and then Krista punches Kelly in the womanhood and she pisses all over the ring unconscious. Krista stands tall over another bare bottom. 



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