Anna vs Krista

Ding ding. Anna and Krista tie up. Anna goes behind Krista slaps her on her sexy booty. And Krista turns around return s a slap to Anna s face. Krista then hits a double arm ddt on Anna. Slaps Anna on the butt. And says you want to play Anna lets play. Krista ribs off Anna s pants and shirt. Anna down to her bra and panties. Krista looks down at Anna picks her up and Anna lifts Krista to her shoulders attitude adjustment connects. Anna pins Krista 1..2 Krista kicks out. Anna crawls on top of Krista goes for the black out by Krista pushes Anna off and goes for a blackout of her own and locks it in her booty completely covers Anna s head all you can see are Anna s blonde locks. Anna kicks and Krista grabs her legs and removes her panties. Anna bear bottom is exposed for the world to see. Krista still with the black out locked in traps Anna legs and holy crap Krista is licking Anna s womanhood and loving it. Anna s chest get hard and her body begins to shake and after about 2 minutes her body releases her love juice which Krista licks clean and Anna passes out. The ref rings the bell your winner by knockout. Krista. Wow looks really freaking happy and she should be beating the champion like that unreal. 



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