Anna vs Hayden

DING ding… Hayden charges Anna CLOTHESLINE by ANNA ducks it. Hayden bounces off ropes. Anna goes for a back body drop but Hayden puts on the brakes and hits a nice ddt on Anna. Hayden picks up Anna on her shoulders and puts Anna on the top rope and  goes up with her. Frankensteiner by Hayden sent Anna flying across the ring lands hard on her back. Hayden climbs to the top rope and a beautiful frog SPLASH connects but to Anna knees. Anna with a quick small package. 1..2 Hayden kicks out. Flips to her feet and gets hit with a super kick to the gut of Hayden. Hayden goes to a knee. Anna bounces off the ropes butt attack no Hayden hits a back stabber on Anna. Hayden picks up Anna hits a beautiful jumping ddt on Anna. Anna is done her limbs are spread out completely motionless. Hayden puts her foot on Anna s face 1..2..3.. Hayden leaves the champion lying tonight. Great win for Hayden on this date. 



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