Nina vs Kelly

Ding ding…. Kelly with a drop kick out of the gate Nina side steps it and drops an ELBOW on KELLY s chest and another one. Then Nina picks up Kelly whips her against the ropes Kelly comes off goes for her signature head scissors but Nina catches her hits a freaking tombstone pile driver on Kelly. Pins her 1..2.. Nina raises up Kelly s shoulder your not getting off that easy she says as Nina picks up Kelly hits an inverted gut buster but to the chest of Kelly. Then Nina stomps a mud hole on  Kelly s chest. Nina says that’s enough for your rack holds up Kelly’s legs and says hello to Kelly s womanhood with a head butt then a punch that knocked a little pee out of Kelly and Nina screams see everyone I just made this ho piss her pants then flips her over and just stomps on KELLY s booty for 2 full minutes her a$$ is tore up. Nina then flips Kelly over stands on Kelly’s face as the ref counts 1..2..3..  Nina just owned the divas CHAMPION like it was none absolutely dismantling Kelly . 



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