KELLY vs Victoria

Ding ding… Victoria starts off with a head LOCK but Kelly hits a nice side SUPLEX to gain control. She follows that up with a nice jumping CLOTHESLINE and a drop KICK sending Victoria into the corner. KELLY with her cartwheel into a butt splash no Victoria jumps up back stabber to Kelly Kelly. Victoria now picks up Kelly Kelly Victoria bounces off the ropes a sliding punch right to Kelly s private area. KELLY s eye roll back in her head. As she falls down face first. Victoria licks her hand and raise s Kelly up and lights up Kelly s rear with slaps over and over again. Victoria finally drops her just to pick her up and hits the pu$$* cat German SUPLEX holding onto Kelly’s crotch with a bridge 1..2..3.. Victoria justice wins with a sexy a$$ move.  Victoria not done pulls out a sticker and puts it on Kelly s butt is says Victoria owns my womanly secrets. Victoria wins in convincing fashion over a champion in Kelly Kelly. 



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