Danielle Campbell vs Jamie spears

Ding ding… Jamie and Danielle circling each other. Jamie goes for a single leg but gets a double sledge to the back from Danielle. Danielle grabs Jamie s head ddt connects. Danielle picks up Jamie and whips her against the ropes coming off and eats a sick jumping spin kick from Danielle. Danielle lifts Jamie up puts her on her shoulders and the rolling senton on the ribs of Jamie. Danielle jumps to the top rope and goes for a corkscrew moonsault and hits it. Jamie is helpless as Danielle picks her up to her feet and a super kick to Jamie s face no Jamie catches it spins Danielle around hits a rear view on Danielle. Then Jamie barely can stand bounce s off both ropes the people’s booty connects to Danielle s face crushing it and Jamie s womanhood pins Danielle 1..2..3.. Jamie wins over the champion of the champions Danielle Campbell unbelievable booty attack by Jamie. 


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