Best booty tournament ROUND 1 Victoria justice vs Thea Trinidad



64 thoughts on “Best booty tournament ROUND 1 Victoria justice vs Thea Trinidad

      1. Ok Victoria vs Jamie divas championship, Robbie vs selena Gomez, Trish Stratus vs Amanda, Krista vs Kelly best body championship. Victoria wins Robbie wins Amanda wins Kelly wins


      2. Ok Krista vs Paige, Paige wins Kelly vs Melina Melina wins, Ivelisse Velez vs Krista, Ivelisse wins, Kelly vs Brooke 2 Brooke wins , Lana vs Krista Lana wins and Kelly vs paris Kelly wins


      3. Kelly vs Danielle prettiest face toss up, Thea vs Kelly best body Kelly wins. Brooke vs Kelly best body Brooke wins, Kelly vs Erin best legs toss up. Kelly vs Trish best chest Trish wins


      4. KELLY beats Danielle but loses to Erin. Kelly vs Debby Ryan best body Kelly wins , Kelly vs Paige prettiest face Paige with a huge upset, Kelly vs Ivelisse best chest Kelly wins. Kelly vs Torrie Wilson best chest Torrie wins. Jojo ring announcer vs Kelly best rack and beats kelly


      5. Krista all non title to , velvet sky, jojo, serinda, Victoria, Anna, Carrie, Ivelisse Velez, Robbie, Lana, and Paige.
        KELLY loses the legs title to Gail, then all non title unless you want to change it that’s cool, Paige, Erin, Alexa, jojo, Anna, Jamie, Laura, Serinda, and a returning demi lovato lol


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