KELLY vs Danielle

Ding ding…  Danielle spears Kelly and hits repeated shoulder tackles into the corner and then Danielle backs up and hits a brutal high knee to KELLY s face busted her mouth open. Blood running down her face and chest. Danielle  pulls Kelly to the middle of the ring hits an x factor on Kelly. KELLY is out Danielle showing no mercy mounts her and just pounds rights and lefts repeatedly until the ref finally stops Danielle and announces Danielle as the winner by knockout. Kelly is in the ring getting medical attention after a savage attack on Kelly s pretty face. Danielle laughs and the crowd loves Danielle Campbell unbelievable the fans are chanting Danielle after this brutal beating. 



54 thoughts on “KELLY vs Danielle

  1. Nikki Bella beats Krista, Kelly beats Victoria, Robbie losses to kelly, Anna beats Krista, Carrie beats kelly, Amanda beats Krista.
    Krista vs Serinda Krista wins Kelly vs Gail Gail wins Krista vs Trish Krista wins Kelly vs paris Paris wins


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