Danielle vs Hayden

Ding ding… Danielle starts off with a huge drop KICK sends Hayden to the canvas. Danielle bounces off the ropes shining wizard misses as Hayden ducks it and rolls Danielle up 1.. Danielle kicks out flips to her feet and this time the shining wizard connects Danielle pins Hayden 1.,2 KICK out by Hayden. Danielle picks up Hayden rko by Hayden no Danielle lifts Hayden and throws her crotch first on to the top rope. Danielle laughing at Hayden and slaps her across the chest numerous times. Danielle climbs to the top rope and holy crap Hayden gets to her feet walks the rope to the corner and hits a unreal hurricanrana on Danielle. Danielle lands on her head. She’s concussed. She is staggered and can barely stand and Hayden ends the match with and rko on Danielle hook Danielle leg 1..2..3.. Danielle Campbell is out and loses to Hayden Panettiere. Hayden continues to rolls as the best curves champion. 


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