Anna vs Victoria


Ding ding… Victoria bounces off the ropes running wheel barrow bulldog takes the women s champion down. Then Victoria picks up Anna but Anna hits a jaw BREAKER. Victoria goes to a knee a but still hits a spine BUSTER on Anna. Victoria looks down at Anna picks up Anna puts her on her shoulders goes for the gts but Anna goes behind Victoria and hits a nice reverse ddt. Anna picks up Victoria and goes for a power bomb but Victoria reverses into a slick pin 1..2 Anna kicks out. Victoria then floors Anna with a super kick to Anna s face. Grabs her before falling backwards and hits a second SUPER KICK to Anna s mush. Victoria climbs to the top rope and waits to Anna to get up and a top rope stunner on Anna is over count to a hundred as Victoria pins her 1..2..3.. beats the women s clean in the middle of the ring. 


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