Natalie vs kelly

Ding ding.. KELLY charges Natalie with a spear but Natalie leaps over her and Kelly goes head first out of the ring crashes to the floor. Natalie goes to the top rope goes for a hurricanrana and hits it as she sends Kelly flying head first into the steel steps. Natalie then gets on barricade and holy s*** 450 splash connects to the gut of Kelly . Natalie is smiling as she picks up Kelly rolls her in the ring. Natalie springboard frog SPLASH connects to Kelly. Natalie doesn’t go for the pin instead goes for a running springboard moonsault and hits it NO pin again as Natalie climbs to the top shooting star press connects. Natalie  says one more as she climbs to the top rope a phoenix splash unbelievable move connects pins Kelly 1..2..3.. Natalie beats kelly with and high flying attack Kelly had no chance on this night all Natalie as Natalie leaves victorious Kelly Kelly is out cold in the middle of the ring. 


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