Carrie Underwood vs Taylor swift

Ding ding… Taylor and Carrie circling each other and Taylor goes for a double leg take down and she takes Carrie down. She mounts Carrie with rights and lefts but none connect as Carrie covers up and kicks Taylor off. Carrie kips up ducks a CLOTHESLINE from Taylor. Carrie then goes for a drop KICK but Taylor side steps her and Carrie falls to her back. Taylor stomps on Carrie s stomach and then kicks Carrie right across her beautiful face. Taylor picks up Carrie and goes for a brain BUSTER and it connects. Carrie is down. Taylor picks up Carrie and has Carrie on her shoulders torture rack and Carrie screaming in pain as Taylor screams quit quit b****. Carrie yelling no. No As Taylor finally let’s go picks up Carrie and goes for a power bomb and hits it. Carrie Underwood in a ton of trouble she can barely move. As she gets to her knees a huge SUPER kick to her beautiful face and it puts Carrie to sleep. As Taylor swift walks around Carrie strips her down to her bra and panties. Taylor puts her foot on Carrie s butt as she poses and screams I own this a$$. She is out cold. Taylor picks up Carrie by the butt and hits and atomic drop on Carrie s booty and Taylor pins Carrie 1..2..3.. Taylor swift wins and leaves victorious and out comes Torrie Wilson with a paddle in het hand and slides and tans Carrie s butt until it’s as bright red as Rudolph s nose. Then picks Carrie up and hits her in the womanhood with the paddle and Carrie is conscious now as has tears running Down her face as Torrie screams one more thing Carrie picks her up and bang breaks the paddle over her head knocking her out again. Torrie stands tall over carrie Underwood. 


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