Carrie Underwood vs Taylor swift 3

Ding ding. Carrie charges Taylor spinning heel KICK ducked by Taylor. Taylor grabs Carrie t bone SUPLEX takes Carrie down. Carrie gets up just to eat a big boot from Taylor swift. Taylor picks up Carrie. Carrie goes for a right hand but Taylor blocks it and hits a jumping enzuigiri to the face of Carrie. Carrie to hef knees bang super kick to her beautiful face. Carrie crumbles to the mat. Carrie starts to move Taylor bounces off the ropes bang curb stomp knocks Carrie Underwood out. Taylor dust off her hands as she hooks Carrie s leg and gives Carrie a little love tap on her booty as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Taylor swift beats Carrie Underwood again. As she calls out Torrie Wilson who has a bucket and a freaking branding iron as Taylor pulls down Carrie s pants and underwear and brands Carrie s left butt cheek with the letters TS I own your a$$ Carrie no doubt now I’m done with you I hope you remember me as Carrie looks at Taylor with tears running down her face. Torrie picks her up and hits a nose job Carrie knocking her out. Torrie says me and you Carrie next time in an I QUIT match let the better woman win. 


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