Anna vs Robbie

Ding ding. Anna and Robbie LOCK up and Robbie goes behind and a German SUPLEX blocked by ANNA with a back elbow to the side of Robbie s head. Robbie drops to a knee and Anna turns around ddt plants Robbie on her beautiful face. Anna picks up Robbie whips her into the corner. And runs right behind her bang butt right to Robbie chest. Robbie falls to the mat below. Anna with a quick stink face to Robbie before Robbie pushes her off. Robbie gets up charges Anna but is met with a power SLAM by anna. Anna picks up Robbie and says I’m back better than ever as she twisted Robbie chest and Robbie screams in pain. Then Anna kicks her in the womanhood and picks Robbie up the f5 connects Robbie is out. As Anna sits on Robbie s face as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Anna with a statement win over one of the best in the business. Could be her time to wear gold again as she challenges Kelly for the women’s championship next time. 



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