Kelly vs Krista

Ding ding… Krista and Kelly lock up and Kelly hits a knee lift to gain control then follows it up with SUPLEX. Krista kips up Kelly turns around gets hit with low Drop kick to the knees and then Krista goes for a shining wizard and hits it. Kelly falls to her back. As Krista shows her great athleticism standing shooting star press connects to Kelly. Krista is stalking Kelly sweet chin music misses. As Kelly moves hits Krista with a skull crushing finale and rolls Krista over 1..2.. Krista kicks out. Kelly picks Krista up and says you nothing you don’t belong in the same ring with me. Bang Kelly kicks Krista right in crotch and Krista doubles over and k2 connects. Kelly rolls Krista over goes for the pin 1..2.. reversed by Krista 1..2..3..  Krista just stole a victory and gets out of dodge before Kelly could catch her.


25 thoughts on “Kelly vs Krista

      1. I see Carrie being so focused on Kelly Torrie takes the opportunity too get back at Carrie for paddling her during the Happy Birthday match.

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