Kelly vs krista

Ding ding. Krista and Kelly circling each other. Krista then bang super kick right to the chest of Kelly and another one to the left boob this time. Krista crawls on top of Kelly and squeezes Kelly’s boobs and rubs her finger up and down the chest of Kelly and then Krista kisses Kelly on the lips and her tongue going in the mouth of kelly who is trying to fight it but then Krista rubs her hand down Kelly s belly and under the pants and underwear of Kelly as Krista rubs Kelly’s womanhood and Kelly slowly begins to lose control humping Krista finger and Kelly is losing her love juice all over as Krista continues to dominate Kelly’s body and finally Kelly goes limp and taps out to Krista as Krista stands up licks Kelly’s love juice off her fingers and screams I’m the hottest woman. On the roster I win by turning you on and finishing you off. Krista with a great win tonight. 



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