Kelly vs Hayden strap match

Ding ding. Hayden and Kelly have their straps in hand. Kelly comes out swinging get strap. Hayden grabs her Kelly’s strap and rips it out of Kelly’s hand and throws it in the crowd and the leather to Kelly begins. Bang to the chest and gut and to the back and Again. Hayden then puts Kelly over her knee pulls down the tights of Kelly down and her thong us exposed and just beats the crap out of Kelly. Hayden picks up Kelly with the strap around Kelly’s throat and over the top rope Kelly goes and Hayden is choking the life out of Kelly as her legs kicks to start with to start with but after a few seconds her legs stop moving completely. Hayden lets go and Kelly falls to the apron unconscious. Hayden picks up Kelly and hits a k2 in the middle of the ring. Hayden pins Kelly 1..2..3..  Hayden wins



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