Kelly vs Carrie womens championship MATCH

Ding ding… Carrie charges Kelly and hits a cross body block on Kelly. Then Carrie picks up Kelly and goes for  running power slam and plants Kelly in the middle of the ring. Carrie with a spring board moonsault on Kelly pins 1..2. Kick out. Carrie picks Kelly up and Kelly kicks Carrie in gut and goes for beautiful head scissors and hits it. Kelly then whips Carrie into the corner. Kelly goes for her hand spring butt splash connects. Carrie falls to the corner and stink faces Carrie beautiful face. Kelly picks up Carrie and goes for the k2 and hits it. Kelly picks up Carrie again a second k2. Carrie Underwood just crapped her pants s she is knocked unconscious. Kelly rolls carrie over and folds her over her butt covers her nose 1..2..3.. Kelly wins the women’s title as carrie Underwood ha been knockout and her nose has her own crap on it as Kelly poses over carrie with her championship. 


43 thoughts on “Kelly vs Carrie womens championship MATCH

      1. I would say Krista wins and Anna ends up with a dirty booty! Anna has a history of not being able to control her bowels in the ring

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