Anna vs Krista


Ding ding…Anna and Krista lock up and Anna goes behind Krista. Krista hits a back elbow and a running bulldog plants Anna. Krista picks up Anna  whips her against the ropes goes for back body drop but Anna puts the brakes on and hits a face BUSTER on Krista. Anna picks up Krista goes for a rock bottom and she hits it. Anna goes for the people’s elbow but Krista moves. She gets to her feet and swats away a DROP kick by ANNA. Krista picks up Anna and hits the playmaker inverted swinging neck BREAKER. Anna is toast as Krista says it over as Krista climbs to the top rope snd goes for the 450 splash and rko by ANNA o it of no where. Krista is out cold. butt up in the air. As Anna climbs to the top rope double stomp to the booty of Krista connects her booty jiggles and Anna laughs and screams what a fat ass you have Krista and Anna rubs her  hand up and down the booty of Krista and until Krista is wet and pins her 1..2..3..Anna wins in more then one way today poor Krista.


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