Kelly vs Zendaya

Ding ding… Zendaya with a drop kick sends Kelly into ropes and bounces off and Kelly goes for clothesline but Zendaya grabs Kelly’s arm and slams kelly down to the mat but maintains the control of Kelly’s arm. Then twisted her arm backwards then drops her leg on her arm. Kelly yelling in pain. Zendaya drags kelly up to her feet. KELLY head butts Zendaya. She drops to a knee k2 no Zendaya gets out of it and hits a sick brain BUSTER on kelly kelly and Zendaya dancing around Kelly and drag s Kelly to the ring post and slides to the outside of ring and slams KELLY s arm into the ring post 5 freaking times. Kelly is in tears as Zendaya rolls in the ring. Kelly gets to her feet and bam SUPER KICK to the arm of Kelly. Zendaya grabs Kelly’s arm and Zendaya rolls into a cross arm BREAKER. Zendaya screaming tap you ugly a$$  Barbie doll. Kelly does just that tap out. Zendaya is so happy she picks up Kelly and throws her over the top rope and she owns the ring tonight as Kelly is crying ON the floor. 


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