Anna vs DEMI

Ding ding DEMI screams at Anna I hope you don’t piss your pants tonight. Anna charges DEMI. Anna hits a big splash in the corner. Anna just pounding right hands to DEMI s face. Anna picks Demi puts her on the top rope. Anna climbs up with her Frankensteiner no Demi hangs on to the top rope and Anna lands on the back of her head. Demi jumps off the top rope curb stomp knocked Anna out. Demi laughing as she drags her and puts her in the corner. Demi pull her pants down and goes for a stink face no demi turns around and robs her woman hood and Anna is just taking it. Demi then spins around stink face all over anna s face. Demi then picks up Anna and hits the skull crushing finale. Demi flips Anna over and pushing down on Anna s face as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Demi destroyed the top CHAMP like it was nothing. 



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