Victoria vs Kelly


Ding ding…Victoria justice spears Kelly Kelly right out of the gate. Victoria picks up Kelly Kelly whips her into the ropes and Victoria kicks Kelly right in the womanhood. Kelly s eyes rolled back in her head. Victoria grabs Kelly by the head reverse ddt downs Kelly. Victoria climbs to the top rope and holy crap shooting star press by Victoria justice and crushes Kelly’s CHEST. Victoria dancing around Kelly Kelly in the ring. She smiling at Kelly who gets up and Victoria picks up Kelly and runs her finger down her chest all the way do to her womanhood. Victoria grabs Kelly’s private area and screams I hate blonde Barbie doll s and Victoria just squeezes and twist her hand. Kelly’s womanhood is being attacked as Victoria shoves her finger in deep. Kelly screams and Victoria laughs at Kelly Kelly. Victoria says I hope you remember me after tonight. As Victoria justice pops her finger out of Kelly Kelly goes to her knees and Victoria just super kicked Kelly’s head off. Victoria hooks her leg 1..2..3.. Victoria with an unforgettable win over Kelly Kelly tonight. 



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