Anna vs Robbie

Ding ding… Anna charges Robbie Lou thesz press no Robbie catches her and drills Anna with a Alabama SLAM. Anna lands hard on her back. Robbie stalking Anna Robbie bounces off the ropes full speed rear view hits ANNA right in the face. Anna is barely conscious as Robbie says are you ready to meet the biggest and strongest rack in the business. Robbie leans forward and begins choking out Anna. Anna taps out immediately. ROBBIE laughing as she completely chokes out the women s champion ANNA. ROBBIE then see that Anna has wet herself as it looked like Anna really liked Robbie s butt and rack in her face and who could blame her. Robbie puts her foot on the womanhood of Anna as Robbie claimed Anna s love juice. Wow Robbie looked great here. 



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