Anna vs kelly

Divas champion Kelly Kelly vs. The women s champion ANNA. Ding ding… Anna and Kelly collar and elbow lock up. Anna goes behind kelly German to kelly and rotates her hips another German SUPLEX by ANNA and another one with a bridge 1..2.. Kelly Kelly kicks out. Anna picks up Kelly oh what a slap by ANNA. Kelly goes to her knees. Anna bounces off the ropes booty bump by ANNA no Kelly moves rolls up Anna 1..2 Anna kicks out. Anna rolls to her feet. Kelly bounces off the ropes k2 by kelly but Anna lifts her up sit down POWER bomb by anna. Anna pins Kelly 1..2.. Kelly kicks out again. Kelly crawling up Anna s leg. Anna laughing at Kelly as kelly gets to her feet big slap by ANNA no Kelly hits am the hardest slap ever. Floored anna. Anna is motionless on the mat. Face down. Kelly rolls Anna over and Anna just pissed her pants and it all over the ring. Kelly picks up anna and says who’s laughing now k2 and pins Anna and licks her pants as the ref counts 1..2..3.. Kelly Kelly wins and kisses Anna on her private area as the show ends. 



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