Selena vs demi

Ding ding.. Selena and DEMI circling each other. Demi puts selena in a head LOCK them hits a nice belly to back SUPLEX. But Selena flips all the way over and lands on her feet. Demi has no idea as she gets up Selena takes Demi down with a sweet back stabber and selena kips up runs toward the ropes springboard moonsault on the butt of Demi. Demi let’s out a huge scream. Saying please Selena not my butt. It’s very sensitive. Selena laughs as she just stomped away on the backside of Demi. Demi yelling no no. As selena picks up DEMI tilt a world BACK BREAKER oh I mean tilt a world butt breaker. Demi is crying tears rolling down her face as selena picks up DEMI atomic drop and demi crumbles to the mat her butt has been destroyed. Selena picks up DEMI motions it’s over Glam slam by selena no Demi great counter into a rolling pin 1..2.. Selena gets a shoulder up but Is trapped UNDER the butt of Demi. She is sitting on Selena s face and selena is hitting and slapping and racking trying to get free but she can’t. Demi screams my butt is about to put you to sleep. As she tightened up the pressure selena body going limp and she looks out of it. She is out the ref rings the bell. Demi wins by ko. Selena got put to sleep by Demi s butt after selena controlled the whole match. Great fight in demi to get this win tonight. 


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