Kelly vs Zendaya divas championship match


Ding ding… Zendaya and Kelly lock up. Kelly gains the upper hand with a knee lift to Zendaya s gut. Kelly then whips Zendaya off the ropes. Kelly Kelly then takes Zendaya down with a tilt a world head scissors. Zendaya gets up quickly and drills Kelly with a CLOTHESLINE. Zendaya then picks up Kelly Kelly on her shoulders goes for a death valley driver and she hits it. Zendaya drags Kelly Kelly to the corner. Zendaya tells Kelly Kelly its time for you to get quite Taste of your own medicine. Zendaya goes for a stink face and bang Kelly Kelly low blow to Zendaya. Zendaya falls to her knees. Kelly Kelly gets up and hits a BUtt bump to Zendaya s face as she falls in position stink face delivered by Kelly Kelly like only she can do it. Zendaya is almost out cold as Kelly picks up Zendaya and the k2. Zendaya eats the canvas. Kelly doesn’t go for the pin instead s hits a second k2 and screams I am the champion not you. As she hits a third k2 busted Zendaya s nose and Kelly Kelly pins Zendaya 1..2..3.. Kelly Kelly just reclaimed her divas championship. As she holds up her championship as the show ended. 



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