Anna vs Zendaya


Both Anna and Zendaya In the ring the bell sounds. Ding ding… Anna charges Zendaya spear no Zendaya leaps over her. Anna goes through the ropes lands on her feet. Zendaya bounces off the corkscrew cross body over the top rope onto Anna on the floor. Great athleticism by Zendaya. Zendaya rolls Anna back in the ring. ZENDAYA PICKS Anna. Fall away SLAM by Zendaya connects. Anna using the ropes to climb up. She turns around SUPER KICK by Zendaya right to the gut of Anna. Zendaya then Irish whip s her across the ring bounces off the ropes comes back and Zendaya jumps up rear view by Zendaya right to Anna s face. Oh my gosh. Anna has pissed her pants she has been knocked out by Zendaya zero butt and wet herself in the process. Zendaya puts her foot on Anna s private area and the ref counts 1..2..3.. Zendaya wins and yells I call that the booty of Gibraltar. No one can survival my booty hitting then in the face. It’s GOOD night for everyone and anyone just ask piss pants lol I mean Anna says laughing. 


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