Anna vs selena


Ding ding. Selena takes down Anna. Anna rolls out of the ring. Selena right behind her. And BAM. Anna suckered selena outside the ring and drivers her back first into the ring apron. Selena let’s out a huge scream. Then Anna whips her into the steel stairs. Face first ouch. Selena holding her face. Anna takes apart the steps and picks up selena pedigree on the steel steps no. Selena reverses it and hits a back body drop on the top half of the steps. Anna kicking and screaming holding her back. Selena slides back into the ring breaks the refs count at nine then right back out. She picks Anna throws her back in the ring. Selena Gomez holy crap springboard 450 SPLASH to the back in Anna. Anna in deep trouble as selena picks up Anna oh my pump handle SLAM lays out the trio champion. Selena Goes to the top rope motions it’s over shooting star press beautiful absolutely beautiful crushes the champion s back again. Selena rolls Anna into the middle of ring and locks in the accolade pulling up on the champion s neck and Anna quickly taps out. Selena wins beats Anna in decisive fashion. Selena holds up Anna s titles all three of them. And says theses will soon be mine. Anna face down and selena lays the three titles on Anna s backdoor. Selena says nice BUTT. But that’s all you got. I’m the total package. 


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