Jamie vs Kelly


Ding ding. Jamie and Kelly lock up. Jamie gains control with a hammer lock and turns it into a headlock. Kelly pushes Jamie off the ropes. Jamie comes back at Kelly. And Jamie goes for a Lou thesz press but Kelly catches her and plants Jamie with Samoan drop. Kelly stands over Jamie and goes to slap her but Jamie grabs Kelly s hand and pulls her down and what is this. Jamie locks in the rings of Saturn. Kelly s arms trapped as Jamie pulls up on Kelly’s throat. Kelly s face getting red and she’s almost out but SOMEHOW gets her foot on the bottom rope. Jamie quickly breaks the hold drags Kelly to the middle of the ring. Jamie motions for the people’s booty and she gets kicked right in the butt by Kelly. Jamie flies through the ropes out of the ring. She lands hard on her head outside the ring. Kelly quickly rolls out of the ring throws Jamie back on the ring and she bounces off the ropes and bang the k2 connects. Jamie is out cold. Kelly rolls Jamie over and pins her 1..2.. Jamie kicks out unbelievable. Jamie the intercontinental champion for a reason. Showing her heart kicking out of Kelly s finisher. Kelly picks up Jamie kicks her in the gut. Bounces off the ropes again and a second k2 not Jamie picks up Kelly and bang sit down POWER BOMB by Jamie. Jamie kips UP bounces off the ropes the people’s booty and the fans love it as she crushes Kelly’s face. 1..2..3… Jamie wins a gutsy win for her tonight as she sits on kelly s face with the intercontinental championship raised. 


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