Carrie Underwood vs Taylor swift happy birthday match



Special referee Torrie Wilson

First OUT is the special REF. Torrie Wilson. Looking great in stripes. Then out comes Taylor  she is getting boo ed as this is a pro Carrie Underwood crowd. Out comes Carrie  thunderous ovation for a late birthday match against her old rival Taylor. Torrie Wilson rings the bell. Carrie charges Taylor and spears her down and throwing rights hands. Carrie picks up Taylor and whips Taylor against the ropes and Taylor bounces back and a huge big boot to Carrie s face. Carrie goes down hard. Taylor looks down at Carrie and says your getting old and out of shape. Carrie flips up hand stand and takes Taylor down with a sick head scissors to Taylor. Sending Taylor back first into the corner. Carrie kips up and charges Taylor high knee right to Taylor s face. That busted Taylor s nose open. She’s pouring out blood. Carrie then hits a beautiful bulldog on Taylor. Taylor is out cold. Carrie pins Taylor 1..2.. Torrie stops her count and gives Carrie the finger. Bang kick right to Carrie s face. Torrie screaming your going to get a birthday paddling as she picks up Carrie ddt no Carrie reverses it and drilled Torrie with a ddt of her own. She drags Torrie TO the corner and gives Torrie the stink face s of all stink faces. She chokes Torrie out. Carrie goes under the ring pulls out a paddle rolls in the ring. She puts Torrie over her knee and paddled the unconscious butt of Torrie. The fans chanting yes yes yes. Get Taylor paddle Taylor. Carrie stalking Taylor as she gets to her feet and bam broke the paddle over Taylor s head. Taylor is done. Carrie pins Taylor and raises Torrie s hand up 1..2..3.. Carrie pins Taylor and counts her out with Torrie s hand. Unbelievable performance by the birthday girl Carrie never looked better the rest of the roster better look out. 



20 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood vs Taylor swift happy birthday match

  1. Well Taylor does have a height advantage but Carrie might be more athletic. So I would put it Taylor wins 55%. Give her the edge because of her posse. One distracts Torrie how another one helps Taylor win !

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  2. Face: Carrie
    Chest: Carrie
    Butt: Carrie

    Taylor’s face is to boney for me
    Carrie’s chest is a little more perky in my opinion
    Taylor’s butt has no shape


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