Robbie vs Jennifer ||


Ding ding. Robbie pissed spears Jen put of her boots. Robbie looks at her kid and wink. Picks up Jen Jack hammer connects. Jen is barely moving. Robbie picks up Jen and says you will be my b****. As Robbie PICKS up Jen RUNNING power SLAM. ROBBIE picks up Jen by the hair and looks at her son and says this is for you. Hits a karate kick to Jen s gut. And her pants turn dark.  Jen pissed her pAnts. Robbie then bang super kick to a doubled over Jen s face. Jen falls on her stomach. Robbie turns Jen over points to Jen s kid and says I hope you like being the only child. Robbie stomps away at Jen s crotch over and over again. Jens kid is crying tears running down there face. As Jen s eyes roll back in her head. Robbie says your finished you spoiled brat. Robbie puts Jen over her knee and spanks her butt over and over and over again about 20 times. Jens butt is on fire. She finally taps out. To Robbie who completely own Jen s butt tonight. Robbie hand is raised and grabs a microphone and says it time we end this and finally prove who the better woman wins. I challenge you to a ³th match with the loser having to lick the losers butt clean. To end this feud once and for all. Robbie grabs Jen and asked her if she accepts. Jen looks at her baby and says get ready to lick me clea…… Robbie bang MICROPHONE to the head of Jen knocking her out cold. ROBBIE poses with her foot on her CHEST. 



40 thoughts on “Robbie vs Jennifer ||

      1. Jen did win the first match so she does have a intercontinental title match.

        Robbie needs payback on Selena ! She never got her rematch.

        Trish is also back and may want revenge on Robbie.

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      2. Jamie def. Jen with the people’s booty. Jamie shows Jen how to use the booty.

        Robbie def. Selena maybe with another spanking into submission. Robbie maybe the spanking machine in the ring !

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      1. I think Robbie owns Jen !

        Selena interesting to see how much losing her friendship with Trish affects her. This one is a toss up to me !

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      1. Robbie def Selena making her tap out with her rack ! I see Robbie countering every thing Selena does.

        Robbie def. Trish by spanking her into submission ! She might even pop Trish’s booty like she did her implant last time ! Robbie’s just to big for Trish to handle squash.

        Jamie against Jen don’t know who wins, but winner uses people’s booty and squashes the loser showing who truly has the people’s booty !

        Robbie gets revenge on Jen ! Squashes her like in second match. Since Jen made Robbie eat her booty out Robbie returns the favor and stink faces Jen into submission !

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