Robbie vs Jennifer three

Loser licks the winners butt crack clean. vs

Ding ding. Jen and Robbie comes out throwing rights and lefts. Jen connects with a gut shot. Robbie doubles over Jen grabs Robbie by the head jumping ddt connects. Robbie is down face first. Jen picks up Robbie whips her against the ropes and Robbie bounces off and CLOTHESLINE to Jen but she ducks it. Robbie bounces off the opposite side of the ring ropes and gets hit with beautiful Samoan drop by Jen. Jen picks up Robbie and tells Robbie I hope you have a sexy a$$ tongue. Jen whip s Robbie into the corner. Jen then FOREARM after forearm after forearm to Robbie s face. Until Robbie falls to the mat. Jen picks up Robbie pele KICK to Robbie s head. Jen catches her before she falls to the mat. Jen screams its over. Jen whines up and bang straight right hand to Robbie s beautiful face. Jen hooks Robbie s leg 1..2..3.. Jen just mopped the ring with Robbie now. It’s time Robbie comes through on her end of the deal. Jen pulls her pants and thong Robbie is on her knees tears running down her face. Jen says lick it or I will end you forever and your kid to. ROBBIE sticks out her tongue and it goes from the bottom of Jen s butt crack in side Jen s butt hole and up to the top. Jen says not good enough stick your tongue in my butt hole and clean it too. Robbie does it and Jen loving it as Robbie pulls her tongue out. Jens laughs and says I’m the HOTTEST , toughest and smartest shipper ever and don’t you ever forget this night as she picks up Robbie and hits a tombstone pile driver and puts her foot on Robbie s butt and pose and say Jamie your next.  



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