Anna vs Cheryl best curves championship match

Ding ding. Anna comes out swinging right hand after right hand. Staggering Cheryl Cole into the corner. Anna turns AROUND and bang butt smash to Cheryl s gut. Then another one. Cheryl falls to her butt in the corner. Anna raises the roof. Stink face on Cheryl. Until Cheryl bites her butt and gets free. Anna jumps away when she got bite. And Cheryl kip up and bang CLOTHESLINE line from he|| connects. Cheryl looks down at Anna who isn’t moving a muscle. Cheryl gets up and laughs as she pulls up Anna who is lifeless. Cheryl picks up Anna on her shoulder and a running power SLAM no Anna countered into a guillotine choke hold out of no where. Anna choking the life out of Cheryl. Cheryl goes down to a knee and then to her back. The ref raises her arm once it falls twice it falls and the third time it falls. Anna just choked out Cheryl to reclaim her best curves championship. No doubt who the better woman was tonight. Anna celebrates with all three of her championship s in the ring. Anna is the golden princess for right now. 



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