Lacey vs Anna

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Ding ding. Lacey comes out clothesline to Anna. Anna gets up quickly super kick to her gut by Lacey. Lacey grabs ANNA and throws her shoulder first into the ring post. Lacey backs up and hits a running DROP KICK to Anna s butt. Anna lets a scream. Lacey drags Anna to the middle of ring put Anna over her knee goes to spank Anna but Anna kicks Lacey in the face. Avoids the spanking. She gets to her feet ddt no Anna gets reversed into a northern lights SUPLEX by Lacey. Lacey kips up and RUNNING big boot to Anna s face. Anna lets a huge yell as she is kicking and screaming in pain as she is laying on the mat. Spitting up blood and a tooth. Lacey laughing as she picks up Anna and goes for a TURNBUCKLE power bomb and hits it. Anna falls to her knees. Crawls to the middle of the ring curb stomp by Lacey drives Anna s face into the mat knocking her out. Lacey rips off her own pants and sits on Anna s face and goes to town on Anna s FACE and up and down side to side as the ref counts. 1..2..3.. Lacey beats Anna but she not done still grinding on Anna s unconscious face until she lets out her love potion all over Anna s face and some goes down Anna s throat. Lacey gets up and screaming a little whip cream and the cherry on top on this sorry excuse of a champion. She is absolutely terrible only here because of her booty. No talent bum. Lacey celebrates to end the segment. 


5 thoughts on “Lacey vs Anna

  1. What kind of shape is Anna in after being taken out by the mystery woman ? Will the mystery woman appear and attack Anna again or will she target Lacey or get both like she did with Anna and Hayden ?

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