Anna vs Trish

Ding ding. Trish Lou thesz press to Anna. Trish pounding on Anna s face. Trish pulls Anna up chick kick. Trish Stratus puts her foot on Anna s chest 1..2..3.. TRISH JUST SQUASHED THE WORLD CHAMPION AND CHAMP OF ALL CHAMPIONS IN ANNA IN 21 SECONDS. TRISH STRATUS IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER. OUT COMES SELENA WITH HER KNOCK OUT CHAMPIONSHIP AND HAS A MICROPHONE AND SAYS TRISH YOUR BACK  TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIP S AND PUT PEOPLE IN THEIR PLACE. HOW ABOUT YOU TRY TO BEAT ME FOR MY CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT TIME. TRISH SAYS YOUR ON I WILL DESTROY YOUR PRETTY LITTLE A$$ . Selena says I will beat you with your own moves your time is up Trish it’s a new era the selena era. Trish laughs as selena leaves. 


7 thoughts on “Anna vs Trish

  1. Wonder if Trish is fully recovered from Robbie’s beat down. Trish better watch herself with Anna’s booty Trish might get another implant busted !

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