Anna vs selena

Anna comes down the ramp with her world championship and championship of champions. She has her head down looks like she’s not here tonight after losing her title to Cheryl and Lacey destroying her pride last time. Then outcome s selena. She looks ready to go she gets in the ring ding ding. Anna walks up selena belly to belly by selena. Selena picks up Anna whirly bird by selena. Anna goes to the corner and selena with a big SPLASH. Selena puts Anna on the rope STRATUSPHERE wow sends Anna across the ring. Anna gets up and plants her with by selena. Selena measuring Anna chick kick connects. Anna is out cold. Selena pulls Anna up and ends Anna s night with a sexy @$$ stratusfaction. Selena hooks Anna s leg 1..2..3.. selena is rolling with her idol Trish Stratus movesset . Speaking of Trish she comes out and hugs selena and raises her hAnd and bang chick kick to selena s fAce by Trish and Trish hits a stratusfaction on selena on the unconscious Anna. Trish says you can copy my moves but never be as good as me I’m the goat greatest of all time. I’m back no more b.s. I’m here to win championship and put people in their place.


35 thoughts on “Anna vs selena

  1. Is this where Trish makes her return ? If yes she could cost Selena the match and explain she’s tired of people like Selena making a name for themselves by stealing her moves and that sets up the Selena – Trish feud.

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  2. Yes ! Anna looks good but has been losing and needed to drop a title. Hayden looks good but curves are about the whole package and Hayden’s booty is a little on the flat side in my opinion.

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      1. I would go with a crybaby match where the winner gets to dress the loser in a diaper and feed them a baby bottle. The participants would be Trish vs Stephanie since they feuded over being daddy’s little girl and just like always Stephanie is the dominant female !

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  3. Another possibility for the crybaby match could be Taryn vs Gail for when Taryn was with the dollhouse and tried to move in on Gail’s family. I would have Gail win !

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      1. Who has the bigger tantrum after being diapered billion dollar princess era Stephanie or Dollhouse era Taryn ?


  4. I would say Nikki beats Trish. Just don’t think Trish is ready for that level of competition after what Robbie did to her.

    For who deserves a long winning streak and title reign I would say Anna. She was a triple champion at one time and needs to remind the other women how dominant she can be !

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